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Saturday, 13 May 2017


If #time wasn’t an issue in our lives, we might:

·       Stop stressing about deadlines
·       Spend more of it with our children and other people who matter
·       Take more holidays
·       Stop rushing everywhere
·       Not make ourselves sick
·       Start appreciating everything around us, rather than filtering out the trees, flowers and birds and whatever else we consider unnecessary
·       Speak to the man in the street
·       Walk with our dogs
·       Keep ourselves healthy
·       Meditate daily
·       Think straight about the bigger picture
·       Find real meaning in our lives
·       Eat at dining room tables rather than in front of the TV
·       Connect more with others
·       Complete all the unfinished business in our lives
·       Clean out the garage
·       Tick off our bucket lists
·       Not struggle through old age

Just saying…

We might also keep writing blogs every week, but right now I have a new project on the go. I am writing a book which has occupied some of my headspace for the past 25 years and the only way to clear that is to get on and finish it. The book is consuming much of my spare time and energy in research and writing, so the reality is that I am going to be too stretched to write my blog for at least the next three months. I will be present on FB, may do the odd blog when I am moved to do so, but I won't formally be back on track with The Talking Stick blogs until I'm done.

Thank you for your support and reading of my musings up until now. I hope to have something chunky for you in the not too distant future.

Friday, 31 March 2017


A week in politics is a long time. During a week in #SouthAfrican #politics more can happen than anyone can reasonably imagine. Since Monday we've had the recall of the #FinanceMinister from an investor roadshow, the death of the extraordinary struggle stalwart, #AhmedKathrada (aka #UncleKathy), a #CabinetReshuffle, including the firing of the excellent Finance Minister Gordhan and his Deputy Jona and the inevitable abused South African Rand in freefall. I think that South Africans need to permanently on permanent Post- (and Pre-) Traumatic Stress Disorder medication and therapy.

Perhaps the highlight for me in a week of lows was the response to the eulogy at Uncle Kathy's funeral given by past-President Mothlanthe when he read extracts from an open letter written a few months ago by Kathy to President Zuma suggesting that he step down. Almost as one, the huge crown of mourners stood to give a rousing applause to Kathy's words from the grave. The crowd mostly consisted of ANC members, including numerous MP's and some Cabinet Ministers. Minister Gordhan also received a standing ovation when he was acknowledged as having the same qualities of integrity, nobleness and congruence as Uncle Kathy. There were of course some notable exceptions to the standing ovation: Deputy President Ramaphosa probably knew that he would be fired if he was seen to be standing and applauding, although the safe money would say that it took immense will-power for him to remain seated. 

Which brings me to the point of this blog.  Despite massive public and private criticism of Zuma by ANC veterans, we have nonetheless seen several failed no confidence votes in Parliament. People who openly criticise him outside of Parliament cannot bring themselves to vote with the Opposition, no matter how much they despise the man. Whether they are just plain fearful or whether they think that a vote with the Opposition labels them as not loyal to the ANC is hard to tell, but one thing is clear: those who continue to support Zuma in no confidence debates, but don't actually want him to continue raping and pillaging the country are completely out of alignment with their Say, Feel and Do, that is, their personal integrity. What they say and feel about the man is completely at odds with what they do. How must it be to be in their skins when they are so out with their personal integrity? Disturbing as the thought may be, the principle is no different from taking and carrying out orders to exterminate people, no matter how personally abhorrent it might seem.

So my hope for all of those who stood and applauded at Uncle Kathy's bidding for the President to step down is that they can grow some balls and vote with their consciences at the next, looming no confidence debate. They might just discover that their greatest fear of appearing disloyal to the ANC would in fact be proven wrong. As long as Zuma remains at the helm, the ANC is going down in the next election (in my humble opinion). Voting Zuma out of power might be the one thing that can save the ANC. It might also prove to be the most loyal thing any ANC MP can do for his or her party. 

Isn't it nice when you can both do the right thing and maintain your personal integrity. It's actually the same thing. 

Sunday, 19 March 2017


If you haven't yet heard +Vusi Thembekwayo speak, do yourself a favour and find an opportunity to do so. I have just returned from the annual +Bowmans partners' conference at the beautiful +Zimbali Coastal Resort & Estate and heard him speak. Apart from being #charismatic, #funny, #smart, #entertaining, #eloquent and #highenergy, he is such good value in terms of the content and context he brings to the world as it is right now.

One of his messages comes from his 4 Laws for building a great business. That law is: "Find the Truth". The truth doesn't appear from a balance sheet or income statement: that is just a version of the truth based on history. Vusi says find THE truth, so the question for me is, where and how do you find THE truth, and not only in a business context, because THE truth is applicable to the way in which we live our daily lives as well?

I'm not sure that many businesses can find one big truth about themselves, but there is no question that there are many truths in businesses and Vusi is right: you can't progress unless you are working from the truth. 

If you are misleading yourself that you are the best, or the most innovative, or the biggest, or the smartest or any other superlative, you have to remember that even if there is some objective measure of proving that you are right, it is only good for today. There may also be pieces that are factually correct, but have a "so what" feel to them. "We sold more widgets than our nearest competitor last year" may be factually true, but what will you do with that information? That isn't THE truth. There is a deeper place in which we need to delve to get beneath that particular (or any) fact and establish, for instance, that THE truth might be that "We have a sales staff who are obsessed with their jobs and love the company", or else it might be that "We have a sales staff who are being driven mercilessly and they all hate what they do". The sales figures are a version of the truth, but if one of the possibilities is actually THE truth, it will inform very different strategies for what happens next. If you are #Enviroserv, THE only truth is that you are polluting the air and making thousands of people sick in pursuit of corporate profit. Your other truth is that you are out of integrity. Your truth is not that you are making lots of money, or doing your best, or that it's not you. Work from the truth and you'll fix the problem. 

So it is at a personal level: What is THE truth about you and your life. You can lie to yourself that everything is "fine" (which it rarely is), or you can tell THE truth about your fears, your dreams, your hopes, your you-ness and what is real in your life. 

Working off half-truths and downright lies will send you down the wrong path, especially if they are your reality and at some level you believe them to be true. 

THE truth is what equates to Life's reality, to Life just as it is. It isn't your reality, unless that is completely in alignment with Life's reality.

So, to find THE truth, consider how things actually and verifiably are, whether in your business or your personal life, tell, acknowledge and take ownership of THE truth and build off that. 

In other words, let's get real.