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Saturday, 27 April 2013


What has really excited you or really scared you recently?  And how did each feel at the time?  Isn't it curious that we can get the same sensation in the chest for two ostensibly opposite feelings.  Curious, that is, until you work out that fear is just excitement without breath. So, when we are feeling fearful or anxious, all that energy can be converted into excitement and creativity simply by taking more breath.  When next you are scared, try taking three full, conscious breaths and see how the quality of the experience changes.  When next you are excited, breath into the excitement and see it expand.

And is the sensation in the chest not also completely tangible proof of the direct link between mind and body?  When we have that piece, it is easy to see that we can damage the body with negativity and enhance its health with positivity.  Every negative thought will play out in a damaging way on your body.  Every loving, caring or other positive thought and emotion will support your body at a cellular level.

So what do you choose for yourself: excitement or fear, positivity or negativity?

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