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Thursday, 25 April 2013


When you take a dislike to someone, identify very precisely what attributes or behaviours of the other person you dislike.  Then ask yourself what part of you is mirrored by those attributes or behaviours.  When we dislike something in someone else, inevitably there is a dark side of ourselves which suppresses (or doesn't) that same behaviour and those same attributes.  Our challenge is to recognise and address them.  

Yesterday I met someone of whom I was not overly fond.  I could hear my internal judgments raging: self-opinionated, full of himself, flippant, cocky, ego-bound... When I looked closer, I could see the times in my life when I had not been much different and acknowledged that I had not especially liked me in that state.  The fact that my hackles rose yesterday suggests that the beast is still not dead: work to be done...

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