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Saturday, 4 May 2013


If we want more abundance in our lives, our first challenge is to recognise, embrace and feel gratitude for that abundance which is already in our lives.  There is abundance everywhere: air, beauty, sunshine, love, people, work, opportunity and (dare I say it?) money, amongst others.  Which resources are already plentiful in your life?  Do you recognise them as resources? And if a particular resource is in your life already, do you recognise it as being abundant and are you expressing your gratitude for it?

Some things which are in abundance may not yet be easily accessible to us at this very moment, which is not to say that they cannot be accessed.  It is only the limits we place on ourselves which lead us to conclude that we cannot have abundance in our lives.

When we recognise a particular resource to which we do not yet have full access it does not help to covet it.  That is likely to make it even harder to access.  We are rather called to create and keep open channels to that resource.  We start by expressing our gratitude for all that is already in our lives.  We let go of the idea that we are not worthy of having that resource, or any similar limiting belief.  And we apply the universal law of reciprocal energy: if we want more love, we must give more love.  If we want to experience the generosity of others, we must give with no expectation.  If we want to be cared for and nurtured, we must be more caring. If we want more money, mean-ness will not serve our purpose.  We need to engage with money, and whatever issues we have around it.  Above all else, if we cannot be grateful for what we already have, we are unlikely to be gifted anymore.

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  1. If we cannot love ourselves, how can we expect others to? Love is the most precious and basic resource and gift of all.


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