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Friday, 10 May 2013


I was driving to a conference at Sun City the other day.  The landscape all around me was bushy, with hills in the distance, but the grass had turned grubby white and bland, as it does in winter in those parts.  There was still a bit of greenery in the indigenous bush, but the landscape was starting to take on the slightly monotonous, boring winter coat of the Highveld.

All of a sudden an enormous field of flowering sunflowers appeared a little way off the road, interposing itself between the bleak roadside grass and the distant dark hills, creating a stark contrast of vibrant yellow colour in a landscape of otherwise unremarkable hue.

I was not expecting this extraordinary vista, so beholding it in all its splendour allowed me to access that joyous part of me which opens up when I am in the space of beholding with no expectation.  

That is the opportunity open to us all: when we behold things as they materialise in our lives, but have no expectation or demand about how they should be, we see the world at every moment with new eyes – the eyes of the excited explorer, lapping up the freshness of each experience.

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