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Saturday, 18 May 2013


If you:

  • Aren't following your passion
  • Hate your job
  • Aren't making the money you want
  • Behave in a way which evokes any sort of reactivity in people around you
  • Aren't having fun in your life
  • Are in a toxic or unfulfilling relationship anywhere in your life
  • Feel hopeless about your life or some aspect of it
  • Are unwell in some way
  • Don't know where you are going or why you do what you do
  • Feel awkward communicating with others (about money, life, relationships, spirituality, sexuality or most anything)
  • Keep on asking what It's all about,

how is that working for you?  If it's not working, the chances are that there is an obstacle in your life (maybe a few) that you aren't addressing. 

 Most of us know what those obstacles are, or could at least figure them out with a bit of probing, so the amazing thing is why, if we know there is something getting in our way that is preventing us from doing what we want, being the best we can be or simply improving the quality of our lives, we choose rather to wallow in our discomfort and confusion and keep on doing what we've always done, hoping for a different result, or hoping that someone else - or perhaps Life - will sort it out for us one day, maybe.  The wallowing somehow gets comfortable and one day we wake up and discover that a whole part of our life passed by unsatisfactorily and we did nothing to sort it out.

Getting what you want is about seeing and choosing your path, identifying and then clearing away what's blocking the path so you can proceed. It's that simple.

Next time: "YES, BUT HOW?"

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