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Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Of course, it's never impossible to say "No".  Saying "No" is simply a choice we make each time we are presented with anything by Life.  Sometimes it is hugely challenging to say "No", especially when we fear the consequences of peer pressure, personal harm, discomfort or the effort involved.  

Saying "No" is about making a choice in your life which aligns your words with your actions, feelings and thoughts.   When every feeling and thought screams "No!" about:

  • Breaking promises
  • Alcohol or other substance abuse
  • Being physically, verbally or sexually abused
  • Political, religious, gender, etc. intolerance or discrimination
  • Taking on too much work
  • Hanging out with toxic people
  • Not taking good care of yourself
  • Selling out on yourself
or anything else that doesn't fit with your personal values, integrity or vision, it's time to say "No", or "Enough", however tough the challenge.  

If you carry on saying and doing "Yes" and feeling "No", you just keep on selling yourself and your personal integrity down the river.  Given that you don't have much more to offer than your personal integrity and authenticity, saying "No" isn't a bad option.

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