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Monday, 20 May 2013


Last time I spoke about us having obstacles which get in the way of us achieving and being our personal best in the areas if our lives.

You may have thought of all sorts of obstacles: money, lack of opportunity, ignorance, time and others, to name a few.  My view is that the most common and biggest obstacle to us living the life we would prefer is..... Fear.  

We get scared of what others might think, how much effort might be involved, how powerful we might become and then not be able to manage, that we might fail and what that might mean about us, that we'll be found out as frauds or failures, that we'll offend others and what that might mean about them and us, that we're just not good enough and a myriad of other cr*p that our minds make up to hold the fear in place.

The fear sits on the path like an impenetrable barrier between you and possibility, confining you to your life as it is right now, cutting you off from the way it could be, the way you really want it.

And the way through the barrier, to melt the screen of impenetrability?  It is about summoning all your courage (which you have, and have always had) and walking, wriggling or squeezing your way through the barrier into the realm of possibility, where choice abounds.  Moving through the fear is like going through the proverbial eye of the needle: it is going to take some effort to get through that eye, but actually it's the only way to get to see and experience the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to go through the fear, courage is required.  

And where do we find courage?  Often covered up somewhere deep in our recesses.  It requires breath, sometimes a lot of it, to re-ignite it if its been covered over for a long time.  The interesting thing about courage is that we don't necessarily stop being scared when we have it, but it helps us transcend the fear, to be bigger than the fear.

When we access that courage, we can make clear and inspired choices about changing our behaviours, attitudes, circumstances and lives.  Courage also has us take a big view of the consequences - if that's what its going to take to get your life back, then live with the consequences.  The chances are you'll discover that the ones you feared aren't real anyway.

If you want and are willing to keep every part of your life just as it is, then stay scared.  Otherwise, identify your obstacle (s), take some breath, clear it/them away and reclaim your life.


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