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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Do you ever think that you aren't important, big, wealthy or influential enough to make a difference?  Think again. Whoever you are, you have a voice and ARE big enough to make a difference.  Perhaps think especially in the context of stopping GMO foods and taking a stand against the Monsanto's of this world.

In the book "Connected: The surprising power of our social networks", we learn that we are only 6 degrees (connections) away from anyone else in the world and that we have 3 degrees of significant influence.  What this means firstly is that by making 6 jumps via my friends, and my friends' friends, and my friends' friends' friends and so on, i can get a message for instance to the President of the United States.  The second and more important point is that I have a measure of influence over each of my friends (1st degree), who each can share my influence with each of their friends (2nd degree), who in turn can share my influence with their friends' friends (3rd degree) before my influence fades.  If I have 200 friends (most of us know at least 200 people fairly well) it means that I have direct or indirect influence on 8,000,000 people (200 x 200 x 200).  That's enough to make a difference, especially if each of those 800,000 starts his or her own similar campaign, because then your original campaign will potentially reach 320,000,000,000 people, which is many times more than the world's population.  Even if you can't count on all 200 of your friends to share your concerns, you should have the general idea about the power of social networks.

Now, back to Monsanto and GM foods.  What's the problem?  Well, there's plenty of internet research available to say that neither is helping our planet much.  Try this one, for instance, which says inter alia: "Seralini said the effects of the GM crops were similar to that of pesticides, including inflammation disorders, and problems with livers and kidneys, two major organs involved with detoxification."

The pro-GM and Monsanto lobbies of course insist that the GM foods and Monsanto pesticides are harmless to humans.  Which makes me wonder why no less than six EU countries have now banned them....Sadly, the US obviously thinks the Europeans are a bit daft, because the US still insists that there is no danger to its citizens, or it simply has its head in the sand, going even further to legislate the so-called "Monsanto Protection Act".

It's not for me to persuade you about whether GM foods and Monsanto are good for you or not.  There's enough info around for you to make up your own mind about whether you want GM foods in your life and whether it's OK for Monsanto to carry on poisoning the planet.  I've made up my mind.  I won't buy Monsanto or GM foods.

More importantly, I'm starting my own campaign of support for the anti-Monsanto and GM food movement by posting this blog and inviting you to take a stand for your health and that of the planet.  Stay off GM foods, insist that they be labelled and stay away from Monsanto products.  If you're with me, please SHARE with all your friends (you don't have to LIKE this post - liking doesn't make a difference) and have them share with theirs.  (That's pretty much how Avaaz works, and they make a massive difference around the world.)

If you're OK with GM foods, then no need to share.  However, remember in any event that you always have an opinion and a voice, so use it whenever you want to make a difference, because your voice matters.

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