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Sunday, 23 June 2013


Our lives present themselves as a series of wake-up calls. Every moment that Life delivers to us is another invitation to wake up to what is on offer.  For most of us, we will keep on pushing the Snooze button and rolling back into unconsciousness until the calls get too loud to ignore any longer.
The loud calls tend to be brutal: health challenges, environmental abuses, deaths of those close to one.  Eventually the loudest wake-up calls can no longer be ignored.  What is always on offer is another way of being, or perhaps another way of doing.

The invitation therefore is to respond to the gentler wake-ups before they become brutal.  To get the small health wake-ups before they turn into heart and cancer issues, to heal the minor relationship issues before they turn into divorce, to be complete with unfinished business with others before they die, to start recycling before climate change is irreversible.

Getting the wake-ups is not just about avoiding disaster.  It is also about waking up to your purposes and to all that Life has on offer for you.  A brutal wake-up can be the message you need to get onto the correct track.

So what wake-ups have you been getting? And when did you last hit the Snooze button?

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