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Friday, 28 June 2013


So how often has it happened to you that your home has started to resemble the municipal landfill site when, out of the blue, you hear that a friend will be dropping in unexpectedly?  And at the same time you happen to be wearing your favorite 20 year old T-shirt with a hole under the armpit and a ketchup stain over the belly button?

In a panic you run around stuffing things into already-bulging cupboards, pulling up the bed covers, throwing dirty dishes into the microwave and used underwear into the wash basket.  The T-shirt is exchanged for something smoother that has actually seen an iron recently and ostensibly everything is suddenly looking good for your unexpected guest.

The question is: why wasn't it looking good for you in the first place?  Why is it sometimes OK for us to live our lives less than impeccably, but we then frantically re-arrange our lives for others to give a different impression?  Who are we really kidding?  If you're not living your life impeccably, there is always one person who will know.  The same person who knows about you cheating on your diet, cheating on your partner, living in a mess, not having your affairs in order.  If that's OK for you, why isn't it OK that others should know about it as well?

The truth seems to be that if you fear the judgment of others, then you are already judging yourself.  And if that is so, then what is the judgment about?

Most importantly, if the judgment is about you not being or doing your personal best, isn't it about time that you started being that for yourself: looking good for you?  It might make it just that little bit easier to look yourself in the eye in the mirror each morning.

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