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Sunday, 9 June 2013


My good friend, Hamilton Wende, posted on F/B the other day:

"Friday morning... watching the men redoing our driveway hacking at the earth all week with pics and shovels... its good to be reminded that sometimes one just has to hack away at things ...."

Some of his friends commented:

Friend A: "I love hacking away at things; particularly at that little voice in my head that keeps interjecting with 'do you really know what you are doing?'"
Friend B: "Hacking away seems like an apt description of life really."
Hamilton: "Sometime it is and sometimes it flows but when it's not flowing you gotta hack."
Friend A: "And when it flows it becomes the meaning of life.  Bliss!"
Friend B: "Have to say I feel I have been hacking for so many years that a liitle flowing would be good now."

My tuppence-worth: So the first question is: Do you hack at Life or does it flow?  The second question: If you are principally a hacker, what are you going to do to get Life to flow?

The difference between hacking at Life and letting it flow seems to me to be around the question of having a purpose and opening the purpose up to Life's possibilities.  A purpose is the channel through which Life flows.  

Having said that, if we have a purpose with an agenda, the moment we try to force our agenda on Life, the chances are we start hacking.  The agenda is like saying to Life, or God:  "I'll manage this piece on my own.  I don't need any help."  Life doesn't always respond well to that approach.  As the late K Bradford Brown used to say: "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."

When we simply set a purpose and then open up to possibility, recognise it as it presents itself and then say "Yes" to what Life has presented, Life starts to flow.  The moment we insist on "my will" rather than yielding to "Thy will", chances are we are going to start hacking.  Let's rather be flow-ers (or budding flowers?).

With thanks to Hamilton and friends for the insight.

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  1. Every One is a Hacker In His/Her Own Life..

    Great Article :)


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