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Monday, 17 June 2013


Last week I went to Lewis Pugh's book-launch, "21 Yaks and a Speedo".  Lewis is a maritime lawyer by profession, but has found his true calling, which is to do long distance and cold (actually freezing) water swims to draw attention to the plight of our oceans.  Lewis' feats are legend - swimming over 1km at the Poles, swimming 1km near base camp at Mt Everest, swimming 140km across the Maldives archipelago, English Channel, Robben Island, and, and.... 

Lewis is an inspirational speaker and conveys with wonderful passion and humour what it is that he does and the lessons he has learned in overcoming the challenges he takes on.  By any standards, what Lewis does is extraordinary.

What is it that he particularly has that drives him through these challenges that the rest of us don't have?  Nothing, really, in my humble opinion.  What it takes to dive into zero degree water is immense courage, tenacity, passion for his cause, purpose, confidence, willingness, reliable support, intense preparation and above all unrelenting commitment.

There is no one of us incapable of delving in and drawing out those qualities, if we so choose.  But will we?  Some of us do so, in other contexts.  There are many heroes around, all of whom exhibit similar qualities.  Oftentimes it is the seemingly ordinary folk who can rise to challenges and do extraordinary things.

At some level, we are all just ordinary people, but also capable of doing extraordinary things.  That is the lesson that Lewis offers.  Whilst we may not necessarily be drawn to freezing water (I know I'm not!), we can choose to do extraordinary things anytime we manifest passion, courage and the rest.  

So, thank you, Lewis, for that lesson, and for all you are doing for our planet.  What you do is extradordinary.

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  1. ORDINARY PEOPLE do the EXTRAORDINARY THINGS yet i think all new records are done by ORDINARY PEOPLE.


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