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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


The old saying goes that "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."  One of my teachers, the late K Bradford Brown, mused that the road to hell is rather paved with distractions from good intentions.

The "good intentions" are the purposes and objectives in our lives.  Without those, we flounder.  So, nothing wrong with having good intentions.  The real issue is when we don't give effect to the good intentions.  Having a purpose, or even a simple objective, without a plan for actualizing it and without then giving effect to that plan, amounts simply to a daydream.

Set the good intentions, by all means.  Give effect to them by putting in place and setting in motion the actions around them.  

But watch for the sucker which comes along in the guise of a better intention.  It is so easy to sacrifice the effort to get on track with a particular result at the altar of a more seductive result, which may in the end not serve your greater purpose and will almost certainly lead to you not completing the first objective.  That is the path on which the true road to hell lies: in the distractions from achieving what you really and truly want. 

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