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Monday, 15 July 2013


Stuart Broad cheated.  The English cricketers won the first Ashes test by a margin that was less than the advantage gained by Stuart Broad when he cheated.  All of the English team (and presumably all of England) celebrated the defeat of Australia.

Those seem to be the lamentable facts of the First test.  The extraordinary thing is that, not only did Stuart Broad think that was OK, but his whole team and apparently an entire nation have pretended it didn't happen and also seem to think it's OK.

The cricket record books won't record the incident, but Stuart Broad and the English team will remember forever how they won.  I wonder if the glory of their victory won't remain tainted in their memories with the incredibly bad smell of unsporting play.  Is that really the model they want to hold up for their supporters, especially the youngsters who look to them as role models?

Today we hear that Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell, the great American and Jamaican sprinters have tested positive for banned substances.  Up until now, they knew, and everything was OK.  Now everyone knows, and perhaps things aren't so OK for them any longer.  Never mind Lance and all the other cheaters in the world who pretend that all is OK.

I can't help thinking that life in their heads can't be as much fun when they haven't played fairly.

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