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Thursday, 18 July 2013


The fifth in the series paying tribute to #Nelson_Mandela.

Happy 95th birthday, #Madiba!  I wish you peace, blessings and joy on this day.  May you be released, one way or another, from your present confinement.

In November 2009 the United Nations declared 18 July, Nelson Mandela's birthday, as International Mandela Day.  In that year, 67 years after he started campaigning for human rights and equality, Madiba turned 90.  People around the world are now invoked on Mandela Day to dedicate 67 minutes of their time - 1 minute for each of Nelson Mandela's years of campaigning - to being of service to the world and making a difference.

Imagine a world where people are of service to others and want nothing in return.  Imagine that happening all the time, and not just on Mandela Day.  How would it be to have people offering and performing random acts of kindness: letting you into the queue, helping the elderly, distributing books in schools, looking after your kids, working in childrens' homes, walking your dog, working for free at the local SPCA, or hospice, ...?  Imagine the sense of gratitude and caring that might start pervading our society, rather than the sense of hopelessness and despair which is so often prevalent.

So the invitation is to find 67 minutes on this day, either consecutive or cumulative, and pay your tribute to the human qualities and selfless sacrifice of Nelson Mandela.

The other invitation is to continue after today being of service to others, in big or small ways, every day.  It's a type of paying it forward: be of service and let your actions inspire others to do the same.  It costs you little other than a bit of time and having to access the humble and giving part of you.  Do it with no expectation of reward: you might just be surprised by the outcome.

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