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Saturday, 13 July 2013


The fourth in the series paying tribute to #Nelson_Mandela's wisdom.

"It always seems impossible until it's done." Nelson Mandela

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."  Walt Disney

Some years ago I was contemplating a career-move and starting up a whole new consulting business.  I was comfortable enough where I was at the time as a mainstream international lawyer, if a bit bored, but it seemed to me that there was a whole lot more I wanted and needed to do with my life.

I remember procrastinating for months, worrying about how I would do it, where I would get work from, how I was going to make money, office space, and, and...  I was being driven by passion and purpose, but overwhelmed by detail.  So I sat in a space of desire, collapsing into impossibility, for a long time.

And one day I decided to just do it.  The details were still hazy when the decision was made, but the very act of deciding and then taking some substantive action launched me into the next phase of my life with three partners.  As scary as that was, the moment I took decisive action, the details started to fall into place and it became fun figuring them out and implementing them. As we progressed, we discovered that some of our ideas had been more ambitious than our resources would allow, and my partners and I were trying to offer more than we were capable of marketing and delivering properly, so we had to tweak the business, get more focussed and ensure that the objectives were realistic.

The point is that dwelling on too much detail before taking action can often paralyze you into inactivity.  When you are Ready, sometimes it is best to Fire first and then take Aim afterwards.  That is not to say that being impulsive is the answer: just that, when you have the vision and the passion, much of the detail will take care of itself once you have launched yourself.

So, if the task or project seems impossible, do it anyway if you have the vision for it.  It will always seem impossible until it's done.  It might also be fun.

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