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Sunday, 4 August 2013


The trigger for the start of the creative process is always a wake-up call from Life, no exceptions.  In order to respond to messages or feedback from Life and tap into its innumerable possibilities, we are called to draw on our creative abilities.

It follows, then, that we will miss what is on offer if we miss the messages and feedback which Life is giving us.  Step 1 of the Creative Process, therefore, is to wake up and heighten our awareness to all of Life and its stimuli.

And how do we wake up?  Given that most of us run our lives on automatic, we tend to move around in a state of waking sleep.   Waking requires practice, practice and more practice.

It starts with regular meditation.  If we practice meditation we discover just how challenging it is to keep our attention for any sustained period on the stimuli which Life delivers to us.  Our minds wander off periodically, even when our only focal point is our in and out breath.  All that is required is to keep beginning again, over and over to refocus when we notice that we have drifted off into the daydream state.

This practice will in due course heighten your awareness in the rest of your daily life and create the conditions for you to start the flow of your creative juices.

Start a meditative practice now.  15 minutes a day will be the first step to changing your life.

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