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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


The biggest dampner for creativity is negativity and self-doubt.  No one ever realized a creative idea by thinking:  "I'm not clever enough", "I have nothing to offer" or "No one's ever going to be interested in what I have thought of" or "They'll think I'm a fool." 

The 2nd Step in the Creative Process, after getting whatever wake-up message Life has published, is to set aside your negativity and self-doubt.  Whatever doubts you may have about your ideas, your ability and how others might receive your creative contribution to the world must be set aside.  They are, after all, only words arising in your mind.  Thank your mind for sharing, but announce to it that you're not buying into the undermining part of it right now.

Creativity requires you to transcend the small, fearful part of yourself and do it anyway. Warriors are often painted as being fearless people.  True warriors have fear, but fight the good fight anyway.

Seth Godin writes in his blog today:  "No, [the good ideas] were the result of one person, a person in a jam or a hurry or somewhat inspired.  One person flipping a coin or tweaking a little bit more or saying, 'this might not work' and then taking a leap.

Inventing isn't the hard part.  The ideas that chnage the world are changing the world because someone cared enough to stick it out, to cajole and lead and evolve.  But even though the inventing isn't the hard part, it scares us away."

Taking an unerring stand to believe in, honour and respect yourself for all that you bring to the planet by way of your commitment, creativity and willingness to make a difference in the world, no matter what, will clear your path to creative thinking.

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