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Saturday, 10 August 2013


So you've got Life's wake-up call, stilled your mind and put aside your reactivity - the scared part of you.  What comes next?

The wake-up call may have manifested as an obstacle prior to Step 2, but now it's a challenge.  Ask yourself: "What is this challenge evoking in me?"  "What is it calling forth in me?"  "What possibilities might there be for me/my family/the planet if I am able to rise to this challenge?"

Convert your fearful reaction to the wake-up call into excitement.  Fear and excitement are fundamentally the same energy.  The only difference is that excitement requires some breath. When we are fearful we don't breath fully, so our brains are starved of oxygen.  Breath fully and the fear turns to excitement, the excitement powers our minds to creative thought.

Now that Life's wake-up call has got your attention, you have seen the possibilities in it and you are awake and vital with your excitement for the challenge, it is time to get the creative juices  flowing.

Next time: Tapping into the creative mind.

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