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Saturday, 17 August 2013


So you've woken up to Life's call, set aside any negativity, determined what it is that is being evoked from you and now it's time to bathe in your creative juices.

Perhaps the most important piece at this moment is to be completely open to the fact that you may not  immediately have the solution.  Be open to the possibility that there may be numerous solutions.  Even if you think you know where you need to go to meet the challenge, Life might have different plans for you.  Often the less obvious or more scary paths offer more gracious solutions than the path seemingly offering the least resistance.  So be open to any and every possibility at this time.  Being comfortable with not knowing the answer is what opens up the creative space and allows guides you to a true knowing of what path to follow.

Your process now is to let the possibilities come to you, rather than you rushing out to find them. The way to do this is to take some quiet time, a meditation (or whatever else you want to call it) and clear your mind of pre-conceptions, existing solutions, fears and dogmatic direction.  The invitation is not to let your mind interfere with or edit the process, but rather just to allow yourself to bask in possibility, even if it does not represent reality for you at this time. Then start writing.

When I do this I often do a mind map, just allowing one thought to flow from the previous one and on to the next. I don't edit or try to direct my thoughts or the direction of the map.  I might write down the basic issue, such as: 'Increase business revenue'.  Then I just let thoughts come in and write them down as they manifest: 'More work - New work - Old clients - New clients - Where are they? - Who are they? - More to be done - Open channels - More channels - Tap reservoirs - Partnerships - Core/non-core - Flow - Intention - Purpose - Open space - Force/don't force - Visibility - Service levels - Add value - Nurture - Gratitude' and so on.  Keep on writing and extending your mind map in every direction until the words stop coming to you.  The magic of the creative process lies in your openness to every possibility.

Now behold what is on the paper before you.  Some words may be meaningless in their context, whilst others will be full of meaning.  Once you are done, quietly review the words.  Which ones speak to you?  Which ones leap out and invite you to explore them more deeply?  Again, don't force this.  Just keep on beholding and feel the words that are nudging you for more attention.  Therein will lie the seeds of your next creation.

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