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Wednesday, 21 August 2013


In the previous step you generated a matrix of ideas and thoughts.  What to do with them?

Firstly, remember that you just allowed the ideas to come.  You weren't editing them, so they emerged from your sub-conscious.  Although you were in a space of not knowing as you allowed your creative juices to flow, at some level you always knew the answer, always knew what you were being called to create, and how.

Some of the words in your matrix will have spoken to you, had a feel of  "Yes, that feels right" about them.  The chances are that those which felt right formed a thread with a number of other words and ideas, creating a pattern.  Look for the patterns in your ideas.

Look for the flow in your ideas.  The flow might not be the easiest route for you, but who said that creating anything was ever a quick fix?  Creation is a combination of inspiration and perspiration.  For instance, the modern camera allows you to point, click and get a reasonable photograph.  However, if you want to create a photograph that takes your breath away, seeing how it might look is only 10% of the job.  Setting your light, focus, position, frame, shutter speed, depth of field, and, and... is the other 90% of the job.  All of it is part of the creative process.

One thread of consciousness will inform your creation.  How will you know which it is?  It will feel right.  The solution will be gracious.  It will also tick the boxes of:  Alignment with your greater purposes - Ethically correct - Making a difference - Nourishing you.

Your remaining steps are to give life to your creation.  There are two parts to this.  One is to hold your intended creation  with reverence: make it part of your greater purpose in life, because that will give you the emotional fuel to make it happen.  The other is the perspiration part.  Engage in the 'doing' with the same reverence with which you hold the rest of the process and your creation is assured.

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