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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


This week I have been with Kazalette at the beautiful St Francis Health Centre in the Eastern Cape.  For 6 days we detox, lose some weight, re-balance and get back in touch with our purposes for our health and our lives.

There is a man here who looks to be 70kg overweight and says that he dines out for work purposes 10 times per week.  He loves his job.

Once a year he comes here for what he flippantly calls a 'service and oil change'.  He loses about 6 or 7kg in the week and then carries on with his life, with nothing changing about his lifestyle.

This is a tough enough week for those of us who live a healthy lifestyle and are about right weight-wise, so I can't begin to imagine how tough it is for this guy.  All I know is that I get enough wake up calls in this week to have me seriously re-evaluate all aspects of my life, from health to relationships to career and spirituality.  How much tougher must it be for someone so overweight and unhealthy, and how big do the wake up calls have to get to jolt him back into consciousness?

To use his analogy of a 'service and oil change', when I do that for my car I generally don't go out and drive it at 100mph over potholed roads between services.  The incessant on-going damage can't be fixed by a simple service.  We are required to take responsibility for our vehicles when we are out and about.  It doesn't work to expect the mechanic to restore an abused vehicle back to pristine condition.

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