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Monday, 14 October 2013


"Where is the spiritual value of rowing?...The losing of self entirely to the cooperative effort of crew as a whole."  GEORGE YEOMAN POCOCK, extracted from 'THE BOYS IN THE BOAT', Daniel James Brown

I spoke in an earlier blog about there being no room in a rowing boat for the ego.  It is simply not possible for a crew to achieve its ultimate potential for so long as any crew member fails to subsume him or herself to the greater good of the whole boat and crew.

This is surely one of our purposes on earth: to surrender ourselves to the greater good, to sacrifice our egos on the altar of wholeness.  Let us not forget the origin of the word 'sacrifice'.  It derives from two Latin words meaning 'to make holy'.  When the whole or greater good becomes holy for us, then and only then can we release the ego and take up our place in cooperation with like-minded souls.

In the same way that no lone ranger ever formed part of a great rowing crew, for as long as we remain unconscious to that greater force in our lives, we cannot fully participate in it and contribute to its greatness.

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