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Saturday, 23 November 2013


As I write this I am driving back from Johannesburg to Durban, having just taken part in one of the biggest bicycle races in the world.  I am passing through the very under-rated province of the Free State.

All around me are vast gently sloping plains of green grass interspersed with cultivated areas.  There are not many features on this landscape:  here a windmill, there a small hill.  At the side of the road a couple of trees.  In a field, half a dozen cattle chest deep in a dam drinking their fill.  And yet in this minimalistic landscaping, every feature takes on greater significance in defining the land around it.  

Sitting above all this is a beautiful massive blue, almost cloudless dome.  Again, the existence of two or three sparse white cloud puffs drifting around defines the enormous space above the land.

It is the space to which I am attracted.  It offers so much possibility and opportunity for exploration that it makes me excited and grateful to be alive.  

It is a bit like our lives:  the more we fill them with clutter and features, the less space there is to explore them.  It is the clutter of busyness, toxic relationships, worry about money and so on which clutter the creative space in our lives.  When we create space in our lives we can get excited about our possibilities.

It is incumbent on each of us to de-clutter our lives, make space and watch our creativity and vitality bloom.

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