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Saturday, 9 November 2013


In a previous posting I sketched some thoughts about how a Warrior lives his/her life.  But what if you are actually a Worrier, and the life of the Warrior is eluding you?  Well, you might be a Worrier if any of the following is a fit for you:
  • You are paralysed into inaction by fear
  • You make your choices based upon your fearful or reactive thoughts
  • You run from the truth and pretend that things are not as they actually are
  • You withhold your feelings
  • You don't tell the truth, or speak of Life just as it is
  • You don't trust yourself, others or Life
  • You avoid risk and always play safe (think relationships, career...)
  • Your default motivational state is survival ("I have to ... or else ..." is your default inner dialogue)
  • Your default expectation is that things will turn out for the worst
  • You believe that Life has it in for you
  • Your default response to most situations is 'wimp'
  • You don't play Life to the full 
If any of the above have a ring of truth for you, isn't it time to stop worrying and to start taking a Warrior-like stand for yourself in every aspect of your life?  Time to stop playing small.

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