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Saturday, 2 November 2013


'Warrior' (n): One who is engaged in conflict or battle; known for skill and courage.

You might be a Warrior if:

  • You are faced with any conflict, whether inner or outer
  • You recognize the dynamic in your life as a conflict 
  • You are committed to dealing with the conflict 
  • You are engaging with the conflict rather than ignoring it, or hoping it will go away
  • You will do what it takes to resolve the conflict, no matter how scared you might be and no matter how much pain you must endure
  • During your engagement with the conflict, you will draw only on the attributes and skills of your highest and most noble self
  • If you do not have the skills you require, you will do whatever is required to acquire those skills
  • You will not escalate the conflict 
  • In resolving the conflict, you will do no (further) harm to any other person, or to yourself
  • Your purpose for resolving the conflict will be to end the conflict, heal your own wounds and heal those of any others involved
And you are in conflict if:
  • You are wrestling with your shadow
  • You are lost, or have little idea where you are going
  • You are disconnected with yourself, others or Life
  • You are scared or in any sort of pain
  • Your behaviour is getting in the way of you being the best you can be
  • You don't love, honour or respect yourself
  • You are out of touch with your highest and most noble self
  • You are not experiencing or feeling gratitude for everything in your life
So, are you a Warrior?

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