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Sunday, 8 December 2013


"Consciousness (n): Having an awareness of one's environment and one's own existence, sensations, and thoughts."

Consciousness is the first of the seven gifts on which we draw in order to live purposeful and connected lives. 

Consciousness is about bringing to total awareness all that surrounds us, every one of Life's stimuli and all of Life's messages.  It is the only way in which we can engage with the Universe at every level, including engaging with our own higher self.

There are times when we become so overwhelmed with stimuli that we start filtering stuff out.  Think about a persistent noise - say traffic - which eventually gets filtered out of our consciousness so that we no longer notice it.  So it is with many of Life's other stimuli.  We start filtering, becoming less conscious to what is.  Our consciousness and awareness is also diminished by what we put in our body.  Alcohol, fast foods, caffeine, drugs and so on are also part of the cause of our loss of consciousness, or symptomatic of it.

In this un-consciousness, we inadvertently also filter out or become numb to many of Life's opportunities and possibilities.   We eventually become unconscious to who we are, what our place is in the greater scheme of things and how we are to claim that place.  Fundamentally, by permitting ourselves to ignore or be unconscious to any of Life's messages, we are cutting ourselves off from our awareness of our highest and most noble state.  

Unconsciousness is to consciousness as sleep is to being awake and as death is to life.  The filter system may allow us to pursue certain things with intent - money, fame, indulgence, achievement, career, happiness, misery - but usually at the expense of the whole.  We might be alive to the trappings of what we are pursuing, but dead to everything else in our lives.  It is in the dead part that we miss the bigger possibilities.  Chase money, chase sex, chase happiness and we end up passing by the other stiff on offer - connection, love, integration with the world and so on.

It is incumbent on us all to awaken ourselves, bringing everything around us to consciousness and to reach for our God-state, that state of being which allows us to connect with everyone and everything around us.  Every one of has the ability to access that state.  It starts with tuning in to the world around us with every sense at our disposal.  

Consciousness is born of or at least starts with hull use of the five identifiable senses.  There is a debate about the 6th sense and what it is, but for the sake of the debate I suggest that it is what some might call intuition, and it is accessible only by full use of the other senses.   The 6th sense gives you access to you highest self - your God state.  

Where to begin on the path to full consciousness?  Start looking after yourself physically.  Then start a regular meditation practice, opening yourself to the use of all of your senses.  These simple steps will start you on the path to awakening.  What have you to lose?  This is a wonderful gift which is worth unwrapping properly.

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