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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Welcome back to 2014!  After a good break it's time to explore the third gift, Choice.

I spoke in previous postings of the first two gifts, Consciousness and Discernment.  When we are living in a fully conscious state and have discerned the issues, it is time to make choices about our behaviour.

New years are often awash with resolutions to change our diets, habits and behaviour patterns. We all know about the road to hell being paved with good intentions, but oftentimes those intentions are adopted without the discernment piece in place, which is why they come to naught.  

The true way to give effect to the intention is firstly to ensure that it is the right intention (discernment) and then to make and implement conscious choices for ourselves.  Choice is a space which is supported by willingness: how often do we do things out of a sense of obligation or simply to escape the consequences of situations in which we believe we are trapped?  Everything that we do is done out of choice, even when we think we have no choice.  It is arguable that even when we breathe our last breath, we still often have a choice about whether that is the last one or not.  Even doing nothing is a chocie we make for ourselves.

Choice gives us power over our own destinies, which is why it is a gift.  It is only in our reluctance to choose that Life ends up having its way with us.  Choice is the way in which we get to change what is, so the invitation is to choose and keep on choosing as we direct our lives. 

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