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Saturday, 22 February 2014


Every time you make an excuse or find a reason for not doing something, you exclude a possibility in your life.  "I don't have the time",  "It's too expensive", "I don't have the talent or skill", "it's too much of a commitment", "I don't have the strength" or "I'm not smart enough" exclude so many possibilities that you are then constrained to exploring only opportunities which will be quick, cheap, mundane and so on.  

How many opportunities does that then require you to pass up which might otherwise have fed a passion or left you feeling fulfilled and rewarded?  

When you say "I can't", more often than not you mean "I won't" when, with a little bit of a stretch, you could.  It is in the stretching that you find true fulfillment and discover what is possible.

What if Baby Jake Motlala had said: "I'm only 4ft 10.  I can't possibly be a boxer and at that height there's not really much I can do that's useful."  The world would have been poorer for not having had a great boxing champion and the personality that he was.  Baby Jake might have ended up as a street vendor, rather than living his dream.

Most things are possible when you set your mind to them, so finding excuses not to do them simply doesn't serve anything except the small you.  Time to play big!

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