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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


John Legend sings a love-song dedicated to his wife called "All of Me".  His lyrics include the words: "All of me loves all of you...I love...all your perfect imperfections".  How wonderful to embrace a person you love, totally, with no judgment and just acceptance!

The question is whether, when we drop our judgment of imperfections in others it opens the space for us to love them unconditionally.  And why should this be reserved only for spouses and significant others?  What if we could let go our judgments of everyone around us and look past what we don't like in order to see the inherent beauty that's there?

The invitation is also to be able to say the same words about ourselves:  When we are criticizing ourselves for being overweight, too old, too unsuccessful, weak and all the rest, are we able to stop the self-judgment and simply say: "All of me loves all of me...I love...all my perfect imperfections."?  When we can love and appreciate ourselves for who we are, exactly as we are, without the self-criticism and ridicule, we can get off the treadmill of driven-ness and self-flagellation and start truly caring for the one person who is always present in our lives.  It doesn't help to demand that others should love, respect and adore us just as we are, because they may not.  However, we have the power to love ourselves unconditionally.

If you aren't already doing that, what's getting in the way?

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