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Wednesday, 5 February 2014


The last of the seven great gifts we receive after ConsciousnessDiscernmentChoice,  Courage, Forgiveness and Connection is Gratitude.

Gratitude stands on the shoulders of the other six gifts in the sense that we have an opportunity to connect with the universal force which gives us access to all of the other gifts.

When we are truly conscious of all the beauty around us, made discerning choices, have transcended our fears and come out triumphant, have experienced the freedom of forgiveness and the joy and lightness of true connection, how can we feel otherwise than truly grateful for who we are and what is available to us?

If we are not feeling grateful for every breath we breathe, every experience that comes our way and every moment we have to engage with Life, we are missing the force that gives us ultimate connection with our Creator.

Gratitude is the greatest gift we have.  Practice your gratitude each day, no exceptions. 

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