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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


"Every time you get undressed...the trumpets they go pom-pom pa-pa-pa..."  I am not sure if #JasonDerulo 's latest musical offering to the planet is supposed to be a love song,  but I suspect that the trumpets sound only for JD and not necessarily the object of his ardour.

Ma'am, if taking your clothes off is the only thing that's going to make Mr Derulo's trumpets sound, I would high tail it out of there if I were you.  The trumpets may well stay silent for your beauty, intelligence, wit and loveability and only hit the high notes when you're in the nick.  If that's the case, you know what's required of you to get big J's trumpets going.  No pressure, but I fear the trumpets may also remain silent when your boobs and butt start to sag and your face gets a bit wrinkly, even if you're still prancing around in your birthday suit then.

If your trumpets also sound every time you get undressed, then keep going as long as you can hear the music, but if only one if you is hearing the band, I would change the conductor if I were you.

Just saying.

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