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Sunday, 16 March 2014


It occurs to me that different users have different purposes for posting on FB.  I figure there are three main purposes.  The first is to share information with your friends and the world which is useful/entertaining/interesting/funny.  The second is to tell all your friends what you and your family have been up to and how you're doing.  The third is the sneaky one which is to see how many 'likes' and comments you can collect doing the 1st or 2nd type of posting.  It is a type of self-affirmation - a way of checking how well liked you are in the world, or seeking affirmation for the way you choose to live your life.

Now before someone jumps down my throat for guessing people's motives on FB, I'm not knocking any particular motive.  Whatever your motive for FB, if it serves you well that's great.

Having said that, this isn't entirely speculative.  Factually some people feel disappointed when their postings aren't 'liked' by lots of people, or worse still when no one 'likes' them.  Check your own reaction to no one acknowledging a posting of yours.  Disappointed or indifferent?

The reaction to lots of likes is often to post more and more on FB, because all the  'likes' are quite seductive, and even addictive.  The reaction to very few 'likes' is either to increase the volume of postings or else not post at all.

Anyway, the invitation is to check your own motive for posting on FB and see if it feeds your needs and wants.  A clue to what that is might be in the way you react to the feedback you get.

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