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Saturday, 22 March 2014


Perhaps one of the most telling questions each of us can ask ourselves as as we make our way down our respective life paths is: 'How will I make a difference?'  This is not about proving ourselves as do-gooders, but rather about acknowledging the gifts we have and putting them to whatever use will leave a legacy for others, especially our children.

We each have gifts, talents, skills, abilities, whatever, and Life's invitation is to use them to make a difference in the Universe.  Sure, it might feel more comfortable to sit around with no conscious purpose, live our lives in the same bland circles of purposelessness and then die.  I want to suggest, however, that we are called to make a meaningful difference, and if you can get to the end of your life having made a single meaningful difference (by which I mean improvement) to the people and planet around you, your life will have taken on greater meaning for you.  In fact, it will have been well lived.

So the invitation is to live your life with purpose which might include:

  • Bring up your kids as well as you know how
  • Create jobs
  • Heal the sick
  • Share what you know, widely and thoughtfully
  • Do your bit for the environment
  • Live consciously
  • Honour and respect others
  • Tell the truth
  • Live in integrity in every aspect of your life 
  • Let go every bit of resentment that enters your life
  • Serve others, whether as a leader or on some other capacity
  • Create structures that will make a difference
  • Share your talents - singing, acting, dancing, speaking,...
  • Create the space and environment for others to share their talents
  • Enhance the collective consciousness through prayer or meditation
  • Give generously and thoughtfully of your time and other resources
  • Explore with incessant curiosity and share your discoveries
  • And....?
For the meantime, I'm going to carry on writing a blog which invites you to explore all the possibilities in your life.

What will you do to make a difference?  Please leave comments on the site.

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