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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Richard Nixon, Ben Johnson, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Jacob Zuma and #OscarPistorius...Spot the common thread.

What is it that has us build others into superheroes and demi-gods on account of their athletic prowess, political or social standing, but when, like Olympus, they fall, we damn and condemn them for duping us?

The truth is that it is only between our ears that others can be elevated to superstar status, so when they behave in a manner other than the way our minds demand that they "should" behave, we get disappointed, angry, resentful and judgmental. 

What do we know, really?  Do we really know how these people should behave?  Are others who are not quite as important (like ourselves!) allowed to behave a little differently?

What if we could let go of the reverence for the prowess and standing of others and rather just respect and honour them for the human beings that they are?  This requires us to place no one on a pedestal and to look down on no one, but simply to hold others as equal in their loveability, frailty and temptation.  Try it: there is every chance you might experience more acceptance of the way things (and others) are.

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