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Saturday, 1 March 2014


Dashed expectations, profound disappointment.
Mourning the loss of what you never had.
Let go of the demand and revert to hope.
Now you're off the path which so often leads to sad.

A couple of weeks ago someone gave me an undertaking in connection with a significant business transaction.  A decision would be made on a given day which would present me with a particular opportunity.  (Yes, I'm being deliberately cagey about this as the transaction must remain under wraps for a while longer.)  The big day came and went and I was told the decision would be postponed for a month or two.

The reasons for the delay don't really matter.  What did matter was that I felt overwhelmed with rage at being let down, telling myself that I was unimportant in the other person's life, that I just had to paddle my own canoe and so on. 

When I explored my mental state a bit more, I realized how much I had expected this deal to happen just the way I saw it and how much I was already counting on it happening within a certain time.  My rage was about not having something which, ironically, I never had in the first place.

In my reactive state  I was ready to walk away from the deal, I was so hacked off.  Once I had figured out and worked through some of Life's truths (as opposed to my own realities), I was able to make some choices.  The big one was simply to let it be.  To let go every expectation I had about the event happening and continue living my life to the full, rather than putting it on hold for this opportunity.  Although I am still hopeful that the deal will happen, I am completely at peace with and grateful for my life, just as it is.  I truly don't mind whether the deal happens or not.  

Either way I am presented with wonderful possibilities and all that I am called to do is explore them.

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