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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


So our 20th #FreedomDay has come and gone in #SouthAfrica.  We have heard all about the #BornFrees and 20 years of #ANCpropaganda, but what does it mean to be truly free?

There is the obvious meaning of not being a slave, prisoner or subject to any physical, psychological or political oppression.  At a stretch, that's the point most of us have reached in South Africa after 20 years of democracy.  That sort of #freedom, however, depends on the good will and beneficence of others, meaning that on the face of it you might be free, but are you really free within?

True freedom is not dependent on a #FreedomCharter, or the behaviour of others.  For us to be truly free, we are called to be free of judgment of others, free from prejudice, free from demands that things should be different and, above all, free of spirit.

With those freedoms we can fly, irrespective of our external circumstances.  We can also cut others free.

So, how free are you?

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