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Sunday, 20 April 2014


I watched a documentary earlier about the missing #Flight370.  I felt gutted and was left thinking how unbearable it must be for the relatives: no plane, no black box, no explanation, no bodies, no hope, no completion.  This is the ultimate incomplete.  #ReevaSteenkamp 's parents have a similar incomplete.  Only two people could have told them what happened to their daughter.  The one was #Reeva herself, and the other is an unconvincing #OscarPistorius.

Most of us are blessed with the opportunity to complete unfinished business: to heal rifts, let go of resentment, apologies to others, correct mistakes and to bury loved ones.  Any piece of unfinished business impinges on our capacity to engage 100% with the rest if our life.  It gnaws away, leaves internal dischord, distracts and makes us less productive.

When we have the opportunity to complete an incomplete, Life requires us to seize that opportunity in order to maintain our personal effectiveness.

This will be the challenge for the relatives of the passengers of Flight 370, and for the Steenkamp family.  My prayer is for them to find a way to complete and to find peace.

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