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Saturday, 24 May 2014


One of my fellow speakers at the recent #AfricanRenaissance conference was #ChrisMagagula, a #Durban-based entrepreneur in the maritime industry.  Chris gave an inspiring talk on the need for #entrepreneurs to drive the maritime economy.  His message was simple, and is a message for all would-be entrepreneurs and indeed anyone pursuing any dream.

#Government has created the right environment for entrepreneurs. A multitude of opportunities also exist for entrepreneurs.  Three things are required to exploit those opportunities successfully.  The first is to stay aware of developments.  The second is to remain open to possibilities arising out of those developments.  The third and most important piece is that if you don't drive the possibility yourself, no one will do it for you.

My take on this is that, in motivational terms, you will stay in a state of desire and eventually collapse into a state of impossibility if you think that things will simply fall into your lap without you taking action in order to actualize your dreams.  There are few (if any) successful people around who have not got to where they are without a vision, an awareness of possibilities and, most importantly, hard work and self-discipline.  You cannot count on hand-outs.  Whilst your efforts may come at a cost of, for instance, leisure time, the truth is that when we are going for something that matters to us, oftentimes something needs to be sacrificed at the altar of application and commitment.

So, what are you going for and what are you willing to do to succeed?

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