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Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Today is the day we #SouthAfricans choose our political and economic destiny in #Elections2014.  We have the freedom of #choice to make a mark (or not) on a #ballot paper and choose the path of our country and how we will be treated by those who govern us.  Then we abdicate all responsibility for the next five years to the elected ones.  We think that, by voting, we thereafter have the liberty to whinge and whine when things are not done by our elected leaders exactly to our liking.  This is the freedom we call democracy.

What if we had the freedom each day to make our mark - vote for our lives if you like - choose our destiny and the path our lives will follow, but instead of abdicating we then take responsibility for the mark we have made and become the governors of our own lives?

The wondrous thing is that we are free to make our mark, every second of every day.  The invitation is to make the mark thoughtfully, in the context in which we are operating and mindful of the needs of both ourselves and others.  We are then free to take ownership of that mark and direct the lives we intended through the making of our marks.

We are also free to choose not to make a mark, or to spoil our vote.  My question: why would you do that when you have this God-given freedom?  

If you don't know how to vote, or make your mark, choose what you want for your life and proceed from there.  You'll know.

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