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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


On the eve of #WorldCup2014, we in #SouthAfrica, four years on, can reflect on what potentially lies ahead for #Brazil in the next four weeks.

A celebration of the beautiful game; connection amongst millions of strangers; sharing of a common vision; the journey of millions, all making their way towards the common goal of the Final; the indescribable pride of being the host nation to one of the greatest man-made spectacles on earth; individuals across the nation taking ownership of the event with flags, jerseys, music and other symbols of recognition; a daily and constant buzz of excitement; transport congestion about which no one really cares; an experience of common goodwill to all; disappointment, joy and all of the feelings which lie in between; an event which cannot help leaving a legacy.

To all Brazilians who are hosting, players who are participating and fans whose lives become entangled with the action over the next month: have a wondrous experience of humanity at its best.

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