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Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I started this blog floundering with what I wanted to say.  Life supported me by helping my computer lose everything I had written, gently pointing out that it was a heap of judgmental and contrived junk.

So I started again and this is what I really wanted to say.  When I write this blog, it is not because I think that I have lots of answers that everyone needs to know.  It is rather because I love reflecting on what matters to me (and to all of us) and sharing my musings in case there is anything valuable for anyone else in whatever I come up with.  The second reason I write this blog is to start conversations.

I love engaging in big conversations: things that matter, like how we feel, what we think, where we are going with our lives and how we will leave our legacies on this planet.  My experience of the social media (of which I of course am a part), however, is that it is often easier for us to engage in the less risky and more mundane conversations.

My invitation to anyone reading this blog, therefore, is to either start your own or join in the big conversations of others, if you aren't already doing that.  You can engage with the conversations I start on this blog simply by making your comments, whatever they may be.

There are of course no "have to's" about this: only if you want to, but I for one would love to be part of those conversations.

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