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Saturday, 26 July 2014


Last week 4 year old #TaegrinMorris tragically and needlessly died after being dragged for a number of kilometres alongside his mother's car, which had been #hijacked in #ReigerPark.  I heard a Community leader being interviewed who said: "Enough is enough", speaking about crime in Reiger Park and this brutal act as the last straw.  And I wondered why it had had to come to this before enough was enough.

Reiger Park has had a major crime problem for a long time.  One has to think that each new crime should act as some sort of a wake-up call, but perhaps when it has being going on for long enough it somehow becomes the norm in people's lives.  Finally the brutality of this particular crime seems to have been enough to wake not just the good people of Reiger Park from their slumber, but also the rest of South Africa from its apathy.  Whether there will be a measurable crack-down in crime remains to be seen.

Which gets me to how we all tend to live our lives.  We are getting wake-up calls all the time, hand delivered by Life.  Some we respond to as soon as they arrive (or shortly thereafter).  Some we ignore until they get too big to ignore.  Take the person who pays no heed to his or her expenditure, living a life on credit.  Every bill received is a wake-up call, every time he sees the credit card statement is another wake-up call, when he gets a letter of demand it's a bigger wake-up, the sheriff delivers a summons is a bigger one yet, then sequestration and so on. 

The question for all of us is: How big does the wake-up call have to get before we notice that there's a problem?  If we could get into the habit of reading the signs and data flowing towards us all the time and respond immediately and effectively, how much greater are the chances of not losing businesses, not getting ill, not damaging relationships and so on?

So what wake-up calls have you been ignoring for a while?  And how much bigger must they get?

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