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Saturday, 19 July 2014


There is an URGENCY about the way in which we spend each moment of our allotted time.

We may, naively, believe that we have been allotted the standard three score years and ten, or a bit more, but we cannot know.

All we can know is that our time is limited to a finite number of seconds.

And if, on taking our last breaths, we seek to measure our lives, surely that measurement will be against how we used those seconds and the fulfillment we attained?

The urgency is to waste no moment, to use each precious second to attain the fulfillment we seek.

At the ends of our lives, the questions we need to answer with certainty are:

Have I...
Learnt to connect fully, deeply and completely with others?
Been in a fully committed relationship, no holds barred?
Felt true love, joy and gratitude?
Loved someone so much it ached?
Transcended my fears?
Let go of my judgments of others, allowing them to be just who they are?
Dropped all expectations and celebrated Life as it happened in its fullness?
Honored and embraced my health and body?
Explored the miracles of our natural world?
Walked, danced or played in torrential rain and simply been happy?
Sipped a glass of Merlot at sunset and become one with the Universe?
Swum naked in the moonlight?
Listened to a piece of music which made me feel close to God?
Watched the sun rise over a majestic mountain range?
Rolled in the snow?
Drunk from a mountain stream?
Made love on a beach?
Felt deep gratitude for EVERYTHING in my life, past and present, including simply being alive?
Felt joyful for no tangible reason at all?
Fully grieved all of my losses?
Let go all of my resentment?
Tested my limits and learnt something new about myself?
Healed all inter-personal rifts?
Completed all unfinished business?
Accepted every aspect of Life, just as it is?
Embraced my humanity?
Truly realized my authentic self?
Made a significant difference in the life of others?
Explored all the possibilities I foresaw for myself?

If not, why not?  What got in the way?

The question for now: So, how ARE you using your precious time?

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