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Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I am told that, astrologically speaking, this is a time for change and new beginnings for many people in the world.  Given developments in my own life, I tend to believe it.

On the eve of a merger between our firm and the giant #BowmanGilfillan (@BowmanGilfillan), it is time to reflect on what might be possible with new beginnings (also known as "change").

The first challenge with change is to transcend the resistance to the impending change.  It took me (and my partners) some time to get over our grumpiness about surrendering our names to the new firm and what we perceived as surrendering an independence which we treasured and nurtured.  It was only once we could let those go (partly ego-driven and partly fear-driven) that we could boldly step up to the challenges of this new adventure.

The truth about our resistance is that, whilst we may be losing the name of our firm, we are losing nothing of our goodwill and reputation in the market - it's not as if we as individuals will evaporate with the firm's name - and although we may have different reporting structures, we are still free to run our part of the new firm as creatively, impeccably and in alignment with our personal values as ever.

Having risen above the resistance, I have been able to see clearly the possibilities for the group of people making up our firm: access to bigger markets, a massive network of support, better quality work, security for the future, a bigger and stronger team, developing our young team members into leading experts in their respective fields, greater learning, and, and...

It was hard to see all of that with a cloud of negativity sitting on top, but now I can hardly contain my excitement at the possibilities coming out of our merger.

New beginnings indeed, but the possibilities only emerge when the engagement with and embracement of the change is complete.  A half-hearted engagement will fog over the possibilities.

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