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Wednesday, 2 July 2014


#NewZealand cricketer, #LouVincent, has come clean and 'fessed up about his role in #match-fixing in English County Cricket.  What a refreshing change from all the B/S we have had to contend with from #LanceArmstrong and friends.

The full text of Lou Vincent's statement is at http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci-icc/content/story/756725.html.  It starts with the words: "My name is Lou Vincent and I am a cheat."  I don't think it can be said any cleaner than that.  He then goes on to spell out what he did, the pain his secret has caused him, the shame he has brought on his country, sport and loved ones.  He apologises and goes on to say:

"I can finally look my children in the eyes and tell them that honesty is the best policy - even if it feels like the hardest thing to do at times...I now believe in myself as a person again and I don't wake up every morning hating myself..."

I wonder how many of the rest of us carry dark, unspoken secrets around and hate ourselves for the subterfuge, incongruence and inauthenticity.  It seems to me that more and more often things are not as they seem.  More often nowadays, perhaps because of the invasiveness of social, print and electronic media, we find ourselves surprised or shocked by things which were beyond our contemplation.  Think of the 84 year old #RolfHarris, for instance.  He is still denying the allegations of sexual abuse of children despite a unanimous jury verdict.  Is he truly going to take this to his grave without 'fessing up and apologising?

Taking full ownership of our frailties and accepting the consequences, whatever they may be, does not mean that others get to condone those frailties, but they do give one an opportunity to make a fresh start, to start restoring self-respect and to embark on the process of self-forgiveness, whether or not anyone else chooses to forgive.  How else does one do it?

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