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Wednesday, 9 July 2014


A little while ago I was in a complete rage about a decision that went against what I then wanted. The details don't matter and won't necessarily add much to this story.  However, I remember in that state of rage truly wanting to throw my toys out, to turn my back in the others involved, sabotage the process and fundamentally behave like a five year old brat.

In that rage, however, I was also able to see that brat behaviour wasn't going to serve me or the greater picture.  What it would do, however, was to give me the fuel to start considering other possibilities which I had previously discounted or not even considered as possibilities.

My rage started to prompt the flow of all sorts of creative juices about what might be possible and offer things that were so radically different from the situation I was in that I started instead to get excited about all the possibilities.  It also required me to look at the whole picture and not just the small part which I demanded should be different.

I finally got congruent about the things I was unhappy about and have since moved on.

However, what this illustrated is how powerful we truly become from a space of rage or anger.  As much as it can be a destructive force,   it can also be channelled as a fuel for powering creative possibilities.  The trick is  to reign it in and discern the destructive impulses from the creative and constructive ideas.  The other trick is not necessarily to dump your rage on others, but sit with it, draw on its power and let it disperse on its own when it has served you.

When did you last have a good rage?

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