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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Earlier this week I met someone who was wrestling with a career which was 'meaningless', to use his words.  Although it was earning him a living, it wasn't giving him any pleasure and and he was at a loss about where to next in his life.  All he knew was that he wanted to do something that made a difference on the planet.

After chatting a bit, he revealed that his strengths were creative thinking and practicality and that he had invented something unique that would make people's lives easier.  (I can't describe the invention here as it is still confidential.)

However, he couldn't immediately see that his invention was the link between bringing meaning back into his life, finding some purpose and making a difference, all the while drawing on his strengths and passion.

When we explored a bit more he started to see that his invention wasn't just a thing consumers would like and out of which he could make some money, but rather that it would simplify tens of thousands of lives..

He told me that he had a few other innovations lined up after this particular one, all of which could make a difference in people's lives.  I truly believe that, now that he has tapped into a purpose for his creative inventions, he will not only make the difference he wants, but also be very successful, at the same time living a life of meaning.

The message is to align strengths, talents, gifts and skills with purpose in order to find meaning in your life.

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