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Saturday, 16 August 2014


I am so glad to see so many people taking on Gratitude Challenges over extended periods of time.  There is something about expressing your gratitude over and over that eventually makes it a part of your life, helping transcend the things that come  into your life which you didn't especially want and for which you didn't ask.

A Gratitude Challenge can seem straight-forward when you are feeling grateful for all the things you like or love.  It becomes a daily discipline to give thanks for your children, parents, food on the table, a roof over your head, nice holidays, good health, a decent job and so on.  And yes, we want to feel grateful for the things we like, rather than just taking them for granted.  That is when we start getting into a space of abundance - seeing just how much there is around us and in our lives for which we can feel thankful.

However, our lives are not just about the things we like.  There is a lot which comes into our lives which we do not like, didn't want and for which we didn't (consciously) ask.  

I want to suggest that the REAL challenge in doing a Gratitude Challenge is finding a way to express your gratitude for EVERYTHING in your life, whether you like it or not.  What this will require is a willingness to engage and welcome into your life everything that comes your way.  If you get sick, feel your gratitude for the wake-up call Life has given you to get your health and life balance back on track.  If you lose your job, feel your gratitude for the opportunity Life has given you to choose a new path and dig into your creativity.  If #RobinWilliams dies, feel your gratitude for the joy he brought you and for the peace that he has at last found.

There is NOTHING in our lives that does not offer an opportunity to feel grateful, so the true challenge is to find and express that gratitude at all times.  In fact, it is not so much about being grateful for things in your life as it is about being grateful for all of your life.

Finally, the other challenge is to truly ex-press your gratitude.  I have found that at times I have got into writing down lots of things for which I think I am grateful, but then noticing that they have just become lists and that I am not TRULY feeling or ex-pressing (that is, pressing out and expanding) my gratitude for those things.  Notice if the Gratitude Challenge becomes a daily chore.  That is a sure sign that you aren't properly in touch with the actual feeling of gratitude.

And if you're wondering why gratitude is good for you and the planet, read what David Hawkins has to say in his book, "Power vs. Force" to see where gratitude sits on the consciousness scale which he has kinesiology tested.  It's right up there and cancels out exponential numbers of negative people's thinking on the planet.

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